The Youngblood Family

Youngblood Arts and Culture Development has its home in an old, beautiful, three story heritage building in the middle of the mother city. Art, in its broadest meaning, is the expression of creativity or imagination. It holds true for any kind of art – that it should be able to inspire personal transformation. The word Culture means to inhabit, to cultivate, or to honor. An organization’s culture consists of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that employees share and use on a daily basis in their work. Well, meet the Youngblood staff and learn a little about how each person inhabits and transforms the space….

The Youngblood Team

Carl von Stein is Youngblood’s driver or as he would say, the transport manager. He loves listening to Elvis Presley; Elvis & Carl have one thing in common – they are both Kings of Rock and Roll! He is our King of Rock (‘von Stein’ means rock in German) because he is the eldest, wise, always available, reliable and strong. Carl von Stein transports a wide range of precious art forms and cultures (including people :), safely to their designations. The way he rolls, with dignity and care, is definitely royalty.

Kay Esther Petersen is our Auntie Kay and a beautifying manager of note.
She artfully transforms our space on a daily basis into something glamorous! She sways those mops and brooms rhythmically, with authority and power (probably whilst listening to some old school tune of Marvin Gay in her head).
Auntie Kay’s sparkling personality, does not only free us from dirt, marks and mess, but when she is done, the sparkling result illuminates the space and all of us in it!

Wongalethu Bushu is our silent MC manager at Youngblood. Without you knowing, he is concerned with the constant changes in our space. Behind the scenes he is part of directing the spectators physical, emotional and intellectual experiences of the various events. Wonga is also the brain behind the artistic plan of hanging artworks at YB. When he isn’t working at Youngblood (and he is NEVER sick) he is nurturing his expertise on football, nationally and internationally. Wongalethu means ‘our pride, our gift’. This is who he is to us, indeed. Around Wonga, everybody feels safe and protected.

Natasha Fortuin is our front-, middle- and back of house manager, in other words you can find her everywhere. Front of house because she is beautiful, who would not want to be welcomed by this gorgeous smile, that exudes so much warmth, care and trustworthiness? Middle, because she takes care of the day to day smooth operation of our space. Back, because the quality of her character, her integrity and kindness are the values we honor and that form part of Youngblood’s backbone.

Ina Wichterich is our soft hearted creative, but do not let her soft exterior fool you. She is known as dance (tango/contemporary) instructor & choreographer and when she is in her ‘natural habitat’, the studio, she makes dancers sweat with no mercy. When she starts pacing up and down throughout Youngblood, you can know that the creative mastermind is at work. Her childlike excitement about the smallest things are contagious and as she always refers to individuals, we cannot but, refer to her that way, ‘A beautiful person’.

… and then there is Marie Vogts, our one and only managing director of it all.
Well, take all of the above mentioned work, add in an overdose of responsibility, a huge potion of care, add 24hrs availability, mix it with great talent and skill, add her special love language towards every single event, mix it with being everybody’s shoulder to cry on, add in a profound understanding and appreciation for the arts …then bind all of that together with an adorable sense of humor and love for minions…the result will be a phenomenal concoction, called Marie.

They say that family doesn’t need to be blood, well Youngblood’s family is definitely proof to that…

…happiness is working with great people!