26 June  –  Minor Sessions : Cyphers & Poetics 

Minor Sessions are back again with a little more flavour. A little more fire. A few more artists and bigger dreams. MinorSessions and The Corner will be bringing you Cape Town’s nicest new talent. Here is a short breakdown of our artist lineup:

Kanju Mangxaba:

If you’ve been to the MinorSessions, you’ll know that he brings the bars and the prisoners! He is a hybrid of what Jozi and Cape Town have to offer the world. He is the love child of some legendary musicians, we swear 😅

Supreme Soul:

Some of us call him Premo but yo, check, brother joined the game in 2008. Can someone say, “11 years and still growing?”

He’s too smooth for words with all his musical influences and talent, he might snatch your girl without knowing it 😜.

Sisipho Makambi:

Sisipho Makambi is blessing our stage for the first time with her poetry. She’s a youngblood coming to bless us with the thoughts of a 21 year old expressing her identity and navigation through this world as a young black woman.