Book Launch 13Nov

‘Pumpkin Pie was special

Pumpkin was a QUEEN,

But Pumpkin didn’t know just

how special she was, it seemed.

Pumpkin had a secret,

Something that made her sad…

Pumpkin didn’t like her hair.

She thought her curls were bad.’

This is the launch of the debut¬†children’s book, ‘PUMPKIN FINDS HER QUEEN’, written by Bianca Flanders. It follows the journey of Pumpkin Pie, a brave and fiesty little girl who does not quite like her curly hair. Through a magical journey of TWIRLS and TWISTS, JUMPS and LIFTS, little Pumpkin begins to accept herself, and in doing so, figures out that the very thing she wants to change, is the thing that makes her unique.¬†