Cape Tango Festival 2019

Come Tango under the African Skies!!!       

Cape Tango Festival 2019
4th – 9th Dec 2019 in Cape Town. (St Martini Hall, Youngblood Art Gallery and the Waterfront). 8 workshops with International renown teachers: Mario De Camillis and Sidney Grant. 7 Milongas, with local and International Tango Dj’s. 2 x performances

We are very excited to be hosting Sidney Grant from NYC, who has been with us from the beginning of our Journey in 2017 and Mario De Camillis who joined us last year for the first time.

Tango culture is the result of all the cultures of the different migrants who searched for a new life and slaves from Africa that found themselves in BA and Montevideo. Tango brings people together from all walks of life, it is a meeting place for many journeys. It creates a space that does not need words, just respect for others (and good music). We are excited to be part of its Journey back into Africa.

This will be the third year that Cape Tango is hosting either a Tango Event in Cape Town. We have people who will be joining us to dance tango from Zanzibar, Mozambique, Swaziland, Egypt, Reunion, Somalia, America, Europe and South Africa. It is a dance that has roots in Africa and it is wonderful that it is coming back to Africa and now being danced in a number of African countries..

Please see our Website, or our FB @CapeTango, for more info about the event. What does tango mean to dancers? A documentary about Tango was put together by Christine Hogg who ask some of the dancers from our event last year 3 questions. Find out at