First Thursday – May 2021

a Xhosa term Associated with ancestors Means, “Be honored”,
“Thank you”, “Let it be so”“I have heard”, “I promise”.) 

Before everything was born there was first the spirit. It is the spirit which invites things in, good things, or bad. Invite only good things, my son. Listen to the spirit of things. To your own spirit. Follow it. Master it. So long as we are alive, so long as we feel, so long as we love, everything in us is an energy we can use. There is a stillness which makes you travel faster. There is a silence which makes you fly. If your heart is a friend of Time nothing can destroy you. 

Ben Okri

Camagu by

Lindisipho Gulwa

The last Generation by

Joel Mamboka Nkumu

Ukutangila te kufika by

Visule Kabunda

Universal Consciousness by

Jiri Kobos

Azania by


Driveby by

Hofmeyer Scholtz

Also featuring:

Samson Mnisi

Ory Bwens Katalayi

Sculptures by

Louis Chanu &

Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe


By dancer Emma Wood