First Thursday – October 2021


 means “inhalation” or “breathing.” So how did it come to mean “ambition” or “the will to succeed”? The Latin gives us a clue: spirare (“to breathe”) and spiritus (“spirit”). It was once believed that our breath was our soul or spirit, which might explain why we talk about “breathing life into” something, or coming up with energy and ideas to invigorate it. How else to breathe life into something than with ambition and drive, in other words, “spirit”?



John Adams


Thabo Modillane

Thamsanga Mfuphi

Lelethu Fundakubi

Lihle Matini

Nathalia Serpa

Lindisipho Gulwa

Hannah Yason

Kevin van Niekerk

Songezo & Lindisipho

Ian Albertyn

Sive Tinzi

The Naked Cuber

Sculptures by Louis Chanu