ISPILI Magazine Volume II: ISINGQI | Vibration Activation

The second volume of ISPILI Magazine is dedicated to Eastern Cape born cultural worker, archiver, healer and Xhosa music bow master, Madosini. For this issue, we’re interested in the various ways of knowing around ISINGQI/ sound-ing, the diverse vibrational/ sonic dimensions and how they in themselves are modalities of knowing and traversing the universe, of communicating, channeling: the relationship between the sonic and ontic.

various ideas/ mythologies exist: in the beginning the was sound/ the word/ the big bang. ukombela in isiXhosa means to dig (for something) and in the same instance it relates to the process of building/ constructing a song, the world. what are the (symbolic) implications of sound, each frequency each tradition? How does sounds contrust personal, social and cultural meaning as memory, thus contributing to physical, emotion, psychic and spiritual healing?

For this intended activation we aim to curate a space that promotes healing through ritual: interaction, collaboration and participation. This will be achieved through dialogue, sound installation, live sonic transmissions, and documentary film screenings.

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ISPILI Magazine Volume II ISINGQI | Vibration

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