It’s LIVE and Stripped down – AJ Fortune

Singer AJ launches his EP this coming Friday, 1 March and is ready to make his mark in the South African music industry!

AJ, who uses the first two letters of his first name as his stage name, will perform with the band Major S7 featuring other artists such as Emma Lashmar, Deslyn Molotana, Cameron and Lauren Lee (famous for her and the rest of the Woman2Woman band’s Irreplaceable).

Following the success of his previous song, Be About It, he wrote three more songs that will be released. The new songs are a combination of Pop and R&B. Romance and faith are the main themes for the EP. AJ is inspired by romance and the expression of one’s feelings.

They plan to tour the country with this EP and there is even a UK tour on the cards for this young artist.

1 March at 7pm

Tickets cost R100 each and are available at