ZOE MOLELEKWA Cape Town Tour 28 August at 19:30

Zoe Molelekwa grew up in jazz. He watched his late father, musician Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, perform in Johannesburg at Kippies and the old Baseline in Melville, but it did not dawn on him that this was something he wanted to pursue when he grew older. After his parents passed away, Molelekwa started composing on the piano, without formal training, and found music to be the best outlet for thoughts and feelings.

As a young person, Molelekwa acknowledges youth are obtaining more recognition for their music and other contributions to society. “We are getting more comfortable and confident in expressing ourselves as young people,” he says.

Moleleka is looking at recording an album in the future, but for now is writing and taking the time to learn and experience things. He is presently studying at the University of  KwaZulu-Natal, but was at first reluctant to explore a career in music. “I was also overshadowed by the fact that my dad is a musician, and people thinking that I am only doing the jazz thing because my dad was a great jazz musician,” he says.

Molelekwa never got to know his father well and he is reluctant to play his music live. “I feel like I need to treat it with so much respect and sincerity, because I do not think he would have played his music in the same way today, and I see this in the different ways he performed in videos,” he says. However, Molelekwa is greatly inspired by his dad, whom he believes really put an African face to jazz standards.