A night of pure art fun!

By Natasha FortuinYoungblood employee & Art lover

I have always had a distant view on the art world, never really engaging with it until recently … 4 years to be precise. Discovering art was a true eye opener.

I’ve got the privilege of working in one of the most amazing spaces, which captures the beauty of raw talent. I found Youngblood Arts & Culture Development to be exactly the place where young artists can find that inspiration. Art speaks volumes and what better way to do this than being part of the First Thursday Initiative.

First Thursday Initiative

Every first Thursday of the month, Cape Town becomes electric with art lovers, art collectors or simply the new kids on the block, which would include me of course. Youngblood, being one of the buzzing spots on a First Thursday, I would not refer to it as a regular work day, I refer to it as pure entertainment. You have people coming into Cape Town from all areas, famous mother city cliques, to families turning this into a social outing and let’s not forget the brave solo soldier roaming the noisy streets of Cape Town. At your disposal you will find the beautifully outlined map numbered perfectly to make your walk smoother and less time consuming – highlighting every gallery & shop that’s part of this great initiative.

As the night draws to an end at Youngblood, I don’t know how this always happens, but somehow the ‘street walking piano guy’, (as we, the staff, has respectfully labelled him) finds his way into the gallery and targets our sexy grand piano.

Now, what you must understand is that we were literally on our way out. We are calling this yet another successful night under our belt, but he then manages to start with one key, two keys then by the third key he’s got every guest ready to exit, coming back. That is when then the real show starts, everyone joining him in song from Adele’s “Hello” to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody “.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how we end yet another First Thursday, with a passionate piano man making youngblood his last stop or in his mind his first stop as he sings and plays us out.

If you haven’t joined the First Thursday family yet, my question to you would simply be ‘WHY NOT?’