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not fade away... the sequel 

All of the media through which I express myself as an artist are represented at this Youngblood Africa show.

In part , this recent trip to Cape Town , South Africa has influenced this work in that I was privileged to have been able to work alongside new , younger African artists both male and female who constantly sought newness through their music , painting and sculpting.

Cape Town streets have been empty and there is a sense of disquiet .

The pandemic threat is an ever present intangible in every one’s lives.

What emerged from this environment were paintings and sketches and sculptures of the human form that are sometimes more vivid and sometimes more expressionist .. always seeking to blend with an environment that was elusive in that it was constantly changing.

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about emil rutenberg

South African born, Emil Rutenberg settled in Los Angeles in 1983 where he established a

 fashion label under his personal creative direction. 

His innovative concepts rapidly gained a strong US and international following.

Over the years Emil’s creative drive shifted towards fine art.

 It expresses his unique perception of the human spirit, exposed through the human form. 

Here’s what renowned artist and art teacher, Joe Blaustein, has to say about his work.

“Emil’s sketches are a powerful and rich blending of skill with intuitive and spontaneous strength. His works exhibit a freshness, a beguiling charge, and are a pleasure to see.”