I consider myself very privileged to be able to paint and teach for a living. Even though I paint landscapes, figures and still lives I have a natural leaning towards portraiture. My preferred medium is oils because it is so compliant and versatile, for me it feels like liquid velvet. When I start a painting it’s like embarking on a journey. Yes, there are peaks and valleys, easy and difficult sections but the experience is so satisfying because after every painting I finish I come away learning something new. Seeing a blank canvas transform into a visual story never ceases to amaze me. Through my style which is impressionistic at the moment, I do interpret my subjects rather than producing a frozen image. I prefer to make every person come alive by capturing their unique personality, character, soul and essence. I always paint to music, this keeps me in the rhythm from beginning to end.The feeling of anticipation is always present with every painting I do, strangely enough, this helps me to persevere.