Louis has a fascination with the play of light on different materials. His journey in sculpture has taken him from:  clay, to bronze, to nickel-plated bronzes, to illuminated steel sculptures, and his latest adventure in sculpture: plant carbon resin sculptures.

He has an incredible ability to transform any material into 3-dimensionality, and is extremely versatile with the materials he uses. His choice of subject matter varies from the organic human figure, to aviation art and even abstract, and his sculpture has an emotional quality that gives his work life and energy.

Louis’ latest vision is to create sculpture that emits some kind of light or energy, or that absorbs and reflects light, which really captivates the viewer. This changes depending on the time of day and the condition/environment in which the sculpture is placed. His illuminated steel sculptures completely transform at night when they light up. The PCR  (plant carbon resin) sculptures embody his latest vision. They change constantly as the viewer moves position and as the environment change. They can look like polished steel in the moonlight or glowing coals with the sunset behind them. 

Louis has a deep love of: nature, Africa, flying, family and sculpting. His constant search for adventure and innovation can be seen in his work.