Theatre for kids, made by kids

First Impressions last as we know and our first experience with Pukka Theatre was a real one that will last for a very long time.

A lot of you might not have heard of Pukka theatre as yet, however this is an initiative that has the potential to create an everlasting influence on kids.

In short, Pukka (meaning real) Theatre is ‘Theatre for kids, made by kids.’

Pukka Theatre

When founder, Gabi Immelman, returned from America this year, where she worked primarily in children’s theatre, she had an urge to create her own project here in Cape Town.

Pukka Theatre provides primary school children with a panoptic theatre making experience. The 6 week programme gives students the opportunity to design, build and perform a full scale production. Pukka players are part of a collaborative theatre journey that seeks to develop curious, mindful and resilient students – no child is left to be a wallflower.

Pukka Theatre recently launched their first project at St Paul’s Primary in the Bo-Kaap.

We were approached by founder, Gabi Immelman to host one of the performances that the kids were working towards.

Seeing her passion behind this project we frankly couldn’t say no and on Friday afternoon, 23 September, we hosted ‘The Little Martian’ by the St Paul’s Primary School.

The kids arrived at our venue in preparation for their theatre production. The amount of excitement was electrifying amongst the group and you could sense that this has been a long awaiting moment for them. What was more impressive was the outspokenness of the kids and the fact that they were so well behaved. Each kid had a specific role, whether it was a performer or even on the technical side.

As the day progressed we learnt that these little ones helped prepare their costumes, sets, invite and co-wrote on the script … that is pretty impressive if we must say so ourselves.

As we were assisting to get everything and everyone ready for the production, we realised that this project is so necessary!

So necessary you might ask?

Well if the kids did not have this ‘safe place’ to go to after school and work on the talents that’s found and recognised by Gabi and her team, they would be out on the streets or maybe not on the streets, but would they be busy with something so positive and enriching?

It’s of absolute importance that we have more projects like Pukka Theatre around, but as everything these projects cannot be run on its own, they need financial support, they need helping hands and hearts, if you want to support this initiative it is as easy as donating by the click of a button or even just liking their Facebook page.