21 by Vuyo Book Launch

21 by Vuyo Joboda book launch

“We are excited to announce the launch of 21 by Vuyo Joboda. Vuyo is a self-published author of a book titled “21”, released on her 21st birthday. This autobiographical book shares some valuable lessons, that Vuyo has learnt in her 21 years of life. The highlighted lesson is “Purpose”. She reveals the true meaning of this concept and the principles to living a purposeful life. The book is aimed at everyone,  who wants to discover their purpose or wants to maximize their purpose. She also adds real life experience that give context to the principles, that make the read dynamic and engaging. She started writing at the age of 19yrs and has not stopped ever since. We can expect more books soon. 

The book launch will be happening in two cities, in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The Cape Town launch will be happening on the 8th of February 2020 from 6pm till 9pm. The programme will include artists, that will serenade the guests with good music and motivation from local motivational speakers. The entry fee will be R200, which includes a free signed copy of the book.  The book offers simple, relatable principles, that can help you live a purposeful life. It is the start of a new decade and many people are also entering into new avenues of their lives, sometimes with no clear understanding of how to reach goals and expectations or simply with no purpose. This book presents a new approach to understanding personal purpose and will be a great book to read in 2020.

The launch will be happening at the Youngblood gallery in Cape Town Bree street. Event starts at 6pm till 9pm. This will all be happening on the 8th of February 2020. 

The book will be available online on www.vuyojoboda.com  after the Cape Town Launch where people can be able to purchase their copies from anywhere around the country. The Johannesburg launch date will soon be confirmed.

Tickets for Saturday are available on the following link