3Oct – Beyond Design

3 October – 17:00 – BEYOND DESIGN

Over the channel that divides the V&A Waterfront’s Clock Tower District and the Quays District, a new pedestrian swing bridge connects the foot traffic from the Commercial precinct to the Cultural/Historic precinct. The commercial precinct includes the shopping centre, the aquarium, hotels, and Markets, while the Cultural/Historic precinct includes the Silo precinct where the innovative Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) is located and the Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island.

The bridge replaces the Previous Marina Swing Bridge designed by Henry Fagan & Partners which was completed in 1997. The first discussions concerning the need for a new bridge with greater capacity began in 2015. Then, following the much-anticipated opening of the Zeitz MOCAA, The Marina Swing Bridge replacement project regained traction in 2017, and after a long process of elimination, the final design selected was a four-meter wide swing bridge with a tall, iconic mast of approximately fourteen meters. The new bridge opened to the public on the 11th of July 2019.

Design, concept to construction, together with envisioned usage and behaviour of people within the built environment are common elements that concern Architects & Engineers. However, we are also interested in how the built environment is perceived by the end-user. The medium of photography was chosen to open this dialogue.

Thus a collaboration was born between the design/engineering team of COA & SMEC, and photographers from the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. The subjects of Time, Light, and Context & Narrative would be explored by the photographers, while the Design/Engineering team would present selected drawings that deal with aspects of Design, Technology, and Urban space, Iconography, History and The Environment.

This exhibition: BEYOND DESIGN Creation & Perception is a realisation of that collaboration.