Evolution by Caitlin May – 17 May at 19:00

‘Evolution’, is a one-night-only event that will take the audience through a journey… the life of Caitlin May. She will tell her story, in the best way she knows how- through song. The show will include songs from a multitude of genres, including Rnb, Jazz, Soul, Latin and Indie Folk.

“I’ve never liked confining myself to one specific genre, whether it’s for listening or performing purposes-there’s so much beautiful music sprouting from all over, why should we restrict ourselves? So I’m thrilled to put a show together, that covers music from all genres and parts of the world-music that sounds good and makes me feel good too.”

Caitlin is no stranger to big stages and large audiences, having performed at events such as the Cape Town International Jazz Festival Free Concert with the All Star Band, The Artscape Humanity Women Arts Festival and The RAW Festival at the Baxter Theatre. However, she is looking forward to having a show in a more intimate setting, which Youngblood provides.

17 May at 19:00

R80 pp | Tickets sold at the door