Ludicrous Emporium

Art is definitely not immune from the temptations of ideology, but when approached with a degree of scepticism it can be an effective way to explore the confusion of life in a more nuanced way than other modes of thought: Art being itself a slightly ludicrous activity (both the creation and consumption thereof) is therefore uniquely qualified to give some solace in the face of life’s vicissitudes and confusion.

Group exhibition featuring works by Minè KleynhansDavid GriesselAdéle OppermanSandy Little and Kosie Thiart

The artists exhibiting in this show are extremely varied in their use of medium and conceptual focus. There will be sculptural works, digital drawings, large scale ballpoint pen works, highly rendered charcoal pieces, framed books and illustrative ink drawings.

Inquisitiveness and an affinity with the absurd and ludicrous serves as a thread that tie these divergent visions together.