M A R I A Production

On 19 & 20 August, we will be collaborating with some exceptional emerging artists on a production, M A R I A.

19 August @ 19:30

20 August @ 12:00 and 19:30


M A R I A is a conceptual exploration with the means of theatre, visual arts, sound, poetry, movement, language and technology. It addresses issues of identity, youth culture and the complexities of femininity.


The average human attention span has now been reduced to five minutes as a result of smart phones and other information dispensing electronic devices, according to a study conducted by Microsoft in Canada. This kept in mind, MARIA is segmented, short individual performance pieces. They are independent thematically and different in many ways, yet somehow all tie together to create a mental montage of refreshing thought and a new found accessibility to art : in all its forms.


The sound is mastered, recorded and composed by Ruan Vos. Acting, performance, dance and choreography is movingly executed by Liezel Swartz and Anoecha Kruger. ROM-COM, a Cape Town based Rock ‘n Roll Band, collaborates with the artists to create the live score. The body of work has been compiled by writer, director and designer, Rozanne Vos. It is a collective effort of young passionate artists as a passion project with the aim to make art accessible to the next generation in an economic and prolific way.