Wired Different – Neil Mopp

WIRED with Purpose
WIRED to Dream
WIRED to Think Big & Act Small
WIRED to Challenge the Impossible
WIRED to Believe
WIRED to make a Difference

The Power of Purpose

The project scope is to empower the unemployed to create Wire Sculptures. For every 250 items sold we create 1 job for 1 person for 1 year.



Each Sculpture appeared as a vision. I picked up a piece of wire in an ordinary day in 1990 and then the vision of Soul Dancer came, while I was creating Soul Dancer the vision for The Silent Rage came while I was creating it, the vision for G=MC2 came. The same happened with Mary. While creating Mary the vision called WIRED DIFFERENT appeared.

It appeared as a story. Over the last 90 days of creating the Sculpture one sentence appeared each day.

This is the Story of Wire

The Sculpture is made with wire.
Every wire has a beginning and an end.
All wire starts out the same, straight and pure.
In the hand of the sculptor, every wire is placed where it belongs….When you look at the Sculpture you see the wire, so when you look at the wire you see the Sculptor.
The Sculptor creates the Sculpture in one continuous moment.
As one wire ends its journey into the Sculpture another wire starts.
To the Sculptor the journey that every wire takes matters.
Because the Sculpture, cannot be completed, without it.

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Wired Products

  • Wired Hoodie – R500
  • Wired T-shirt – R350
  • Wired Cap – R150