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Venue Hire at Youngblood Africa: A Canvas for Your Events - situated within the Beautiful Life building on Bree Street

Youngblood Africa isn't only a space for showcasing remarkable art; it's also an inspiring venue for hosting a wide range of events. Whether you're planning a corporate gathering, a product launch, or a private celebration, Youngblood Africa offers a unique and creative backdrop that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We proudly offer a comprehensive venue hire package, expertly managed by our in-house team, with a singular aim: to transform your events into unforgettable experiences, making us a premier choice for venue hire in the heart of the Cape Town.

Our Versatile Spaces

One of the standout features of Youngblood Africa is its versatility. The venue boasts several unique spaces that can be tailored to suit your specific event requirements.

  1. The Main Gallery – Ground floor : open space on left -64m2, ; middle – 81m2; right - 109m2

The Main Gallery is the centrepiece of Youngblood. With its high ceilings, ample natural light, and the ever-changing artwork adorning the walls, it provides a dynamic and visually stimulating setting for events. This space is ideal for hosting dinners, cocktail receptions, weddings, conferences and product launches, where the art serves as a captivating backdrop.

It is a charming oasis within the bustling city. Surrounded by art installations, it offers a tranquil and open environment.

  1. Middle floor – 96 + 44m2

This elevated space is perfect for intimate gatherings with cocktails and tapas, where you want to create a memorable atmosphere.

  1. Top Floor - 106 + 64m2

Spacious top floor area that can be adapted to suit various event formats. Whether you need a workshop setting, a boardroom for meetings, or a creative space for team-building activities, we can configure this space to meet your needs.

Event Services and Amenities: creating bespoke events.

Service Offering : Youngblood is able to offer the amenities and services to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully. Our capable in-house team, with the help from are various expert service partners will see to it that they cover all your needs. From birthday celebrations to full scale productions, we pride ourselves in excellent delivery. Your unique event will be quoted accordingly.

  1. Choice of Venue: Our contemporary and urban chic space provides the ideal backdrop for a wide spectrum of events, including conferences, private functions, award presentation, visual arts exhibitions, dance performances, theatrical productions, and more. The ever-changing art installations within the venue add a unique and artistic flair to your event.
  2. Event Customization: Whether you come to us with a fully realised event plan or just an idea, our team stands ready to collaborate with you. We are experienced in crafting a personalized concept, overseeing every aspect, from initial concept to successful execution.
  3. Culinary Delights: The venue can arrange catering services, from gourmet cuisine to refreshments, tailored to your event. Indulge in the delectable offerings of Susa Restaurant, located within our premises, where the vibrant atmosphere harmoniously complements the flavours of Bree Street.
  4. Beverage Selection: Benefit from our full liquor license, allowing us to cater to your beverage preferences, including craft beers, award-winning wines, locally crafted spirits, and a special brew of coffee.
  5. Staffing Solutions: Knowledgeable and friendly event staff are on hand to assist with setup, co-ordination, and any specific requirements you may have. We can assist in sourcing additional dedicated staff for your event, ensuring your specific requirements are met through our trusted and reliable partners.
  6. Entertainment: Our award-winning production team is poised to bring your creative visions to life, whether you need great music or a full-scale theatrical production.
  7. Styling Services: Elevate your event with creative hair design and styling by our well known stylist Ierephaan at our in-house Hair Salon - offering a complete range of hair, makeup, wardrobe, beauty, skin care and styling services. All functions and events, corporate or private, including performance.
  8. Decor and Theming: Leveraging our strong connections with top theatrical, film, and event equipment rental companies in the city, we can transform our spacious venue to match any theme, décor, or setup.
  9. Audio-visual Equipment, Staging and Technical Support:: High-quality sound and projection systems are available for presentations and entertainment. Drawing from our extensive experience in stagecraft, we secure the best deals and talent for all your staging, lighting, sound, and special effects needs.
  10. Event Management: Our seasoned team, boasting a collective experience of over two decades in the industry, is dedicated to assisting you from conceptualisation to execution, ensuring a seamless venue hire experience.
  11. Marketing Support: Maximise the impact of your event with our in-house media expertise, offering comprehensive social media coverage, live broadcasts, and post-production promotion.

Ready-Made Venue Hire Packages Include:

Corporate: Ideal for product launches, service presentations, and corporate functions.

Private: Perfect for celebrating personal milestones such as intimate dinners, birthdays, and weddings.

Shows: Host fashion, hair, beauty, and accessory showcases.

Conference: From small 12-seater business meetings to larger 50-seater lectures.

Exhibitions: Explore our multi-level exhibition spaces, perfect for expos and showcases.

Booking Your Event

To inquire about venue hire at Youngblood, including availability, pricing and any specific requests, you can contact the dedicated events team. They understand that each event is unique and are committed to working closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Please contact Natasha, or complete the booking form below.

In conclusion, Youngblood Africa offers more than just a venue; it offers an opportunity to infuse your events with creativity and artistry. Whether you're hosting a corporate function or a personal celebration, the unique spaces and artistic ambiance of Youngblood Africa make it a canvas for unforgettable experiences.

At Youngblood Africa, we are committed and passionate about showcasing local art, culture, and community development. Your booking will contribute to further the efforts of the Youngblood Foundation to provide a platform for emerging artists to launch from and become self-sustainable. All profits are reinvested into the NPO, ensuring our artists can continue doing the work they love! Helping society and the world at large, to become a better place.

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