Youngblood Foundation (NPC) is an arts & culture development that aims to be a platform for artists from all genres to start off from or to continue from in order to become self-sustainable. This website represents some of the art which we have for sale. Please enquire with our sales team for further assistance –

The Youngblood-Africa Gallery is a dynamic and vibrant art space situated in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, that serves as a captivating showcase for emerging and established artists from across the African continent. Founded with a vision to celebrate the rich tapestry of African artistry, this gallery has become a beacon of creativity and a hub for cultural exchange. Its striking exhibitions feature a diverse range of artistic expressions, from contemporary paintings and sculptures to photography and multimedia installations, all of which collectively tell the compelling story of Africa's artistic evolution. With a commitment to fostering dialogue and pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation, the Youngblood-Africa Gallery stands as a testament to the enduring vitality of African creativity.

More than just a space for art, Youngblood-Africa is a nexus for artists and art enthusiasts alike. It hosts regular events, workshops, and discussions that encourage collaboration and engagement within the local and international art communities. As you step through its doors, you are welcomed into a world of artistic exploration, where every brushstroke and sculpture invites you to delve deeper into the cultural mosaic that is Africa. Whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or a newcomer to the world of art, the Youngblood-Africa Gallery offers a captivating journey through the soul-stirring, ever-evolving landscape of African creativity.

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Venue Hire

Youngblood Africa, which is housed in Bree Street’s Beautiful Life building, has established a huge reputation for the support of local art, culture & development. It has also become a versatile venue for the hosting of a variety of events such as: visual arts, music, dance, theatre, weddings, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, corporate functions, private parties & more. 

We offer you a full events package with the assistance from our experienced in-house team:

This Contemporary / Urban chic space has also become a versatile venue for holding a variety of events such as visual arts, dance, theatre, exhibitions, conferences, private functions and more.


What's On?

Carlethia Live 8 June 2024CARLETHEIA LIVE AT YOUNGBLOOD - 8 June 2024
Go on a musical journey with Carletheia, an up and coming recording artist based here in Cape Town. Carle, as she affectionately called, shares the same manager as PJ Morton, a 5X Grammy Award winning R&B Artist and the keyboardist in Maroon 5.
Read More
Portraits & Landscapes - First Thursday May 2024FIRST THURSDAY MAY 2024
The vertical perspective of "my subjective experience" is always unique, whereas the horizontal perspective refers to commonalities of ideas and publicity of meanings and behaviour, to music as shared practices with rules, principles, and traditions.
Read More
PAULINA MALEFANE-in concertPAULINA MALEFANE in Concert - 10 May 2024
Paulina burst onto global film screens in 2005 as a passionate, mercurial Carmen in U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, a Xhosa adaptation of Bizet's opera Carmen, set in a Cape Town township.
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tharien smiththarien smith
11:11 06 Feb 24
Samantha MosesSamantha Moses
02:34 04 Feb 24
Qrs MainenanceQrs Mainenance
15:31 01 Feb 24
Ralph MyburghRalph Myburgh
15:17 21 Jan 24
A must see. Went there on 1st thursdays. Gorgeous art, gorgeous music and gorgeous people.
Siyamak Saleh, MDSiyamak Saleh, MD
19:46 18 Jan 24
Great place!
Rick BothaRick Botha
20:45 09 Nov 23
The Strictly Soul event was amazing, and I would love to go again. Great vibe and awesome music!!
Khaya KaziKhaya Kazi
12:37 12 Sep 23
I was there for First Thursday and it was a vibe! I enjoyed seeing South African artists.
Atish GareebAtish Gareeb
19:17 24 Jul 23
Chane Von BrandisChane Von Brandis
18:31 23 Jul 23
BEAUTIFULGreat atmosphereGreat serviceAmazing art
marlene louwmarlene louw
06:04 08 Jul 23
Gus kastnerGus kastner
09:02 05 Jul 23
Zibusiso MbheleZibusiso Mbhele
06:45 01 Jul 23
Mimmi BiggarMimmi Biggar
17:06 24 Jun 23
The most beautiful space for the amazing art pieces on display. Delicious food with excellent service. One of those beautiful clever interiors which makes for great pics and functions whilst capturing the best of SA.
Billie MasoetBillie Masoet
12:00 10 Jun 23
I’ve never ever been but the reviews from friends were great. Strictly Soul had their party here and I found the venue accommodating in more ways than one. The space was huge and there was ample seating for guests. I found the bar service really good given the amount of people needing serving and how they handled the busyness of it all.
Bradley BaileyBradley Bailey
04:07 02 Jun 23
Love the space, vibrant, great art and full of energy, had a great time 1st Thursdays, as I exhibited as part of Music Beyond The Flames.
Drikus OosthuizenDrikus Oosthuizen
13:48 12 Apr 23
What a cool spot for perveyors of good food and interesting art! It's a fairly large exhibit that's attempting to make as much use of available space. There's plenty of different types of art here all with its own unique touch. Some older, some new. The food selection isn't bad and I've been informed that the breakfasts are quite enjoyable. However I was there at night to enjoy the first Thursday of the month events. Staff are friendly and the venue itself is quite clean. I will be back for more.
14:19 15 Aug 22
Very cool gallery. There are 3 levels and all had very diverse types of art in different mediums (paint, origami and textiles on canvas, clothing, wire work, wood). Absolutely loved it!
Tumelo MotaungTumelo Motaung
12:47 11 Aug 22
Beautiful art gallery with 3 floors with a bar for food and drinks. Seating is limited, which is expected expected of course 😉.What made this place an enjoyable experience is the vibe and ambience of the place. Great music, good service and trendy people everywhere.I sure I'll become a month regular.